Sustainability IN ACTION


are delighted to host a workshop  “Accountability and its constituents: Corporate governance; Sustainability; Risk Management “.

From 25th to 27th October 2023, in Brussels (Belgium), SRRNet’s Workshop on Sustainability in Action will take place at the historic city hall in the center of Brussels.The city hall is a 15th century gothic building located at one of the most wonderfull places in the world.  In the same place you will find the house of beer and the house of the Belgian chocolatemakers.

We will be hosted by the City Council and meet in an attractive and significant venue and where can be better than Brussels, the capital of Europe !

In our new program Sustainability in Action we break new ground by combining theoretical analysis with practical experiences and site visits.

It is an important date because we will try to focus on topics that we started in Mauritius and Madrid. Therefore, it is excellent to collect all the knowledge and experience gathered during the last years in this field, share our experiences, get feedback and develop new ideas.

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